Lewis County Schools

Welcome to Mrs. Short and Ms.Bailey's Preschool Class!

In Our Classrom

It Looks Like Play, But We Are Learning

*To work and play together

*To respect the rights of others

*To listen as well as we speak

*To grow in self control

*To grow from dependence to independence

*To listen to directions and follow them

*To develop good working habits

*To finish what we start

*To clean up after ourselves

*To participate in group activities

*To enjoy using a variety of materials

*To share toys, equipment and experiences

*To dramatize stories and expreiences

*To develop an interest in books

*To develop an interest in the world around us

*To improve muscular coordication

*To stay with tasks for increasingly longer times

*To develop new interests and extend old ones

* To understand new words and be able to use them

*To be HAPPY!

It Looks Like Play, But We Are Learning

Our Curriculm

We use the Creative Curriculum to teach the students. This is a state approved curriculum. It is a comprehensive early childhood educational system that has been shown to promote the cognitive, language, social/emotional and physical development of young children. It allows us to address content in literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts and technology. It is a developmentally appropriate program focusing on well organized learning and play centers within a preschool classroom.

Personal Items Children Need

* Backpack to be brought to and from school daily

* Small blanket to use at naptime ( will be kept at school but sent home from time to time to be washed), we provide cots for the children to sleep on

* Change of clothes to be kept at school


The children eat breakfast and lunch together as a class each day. The school hot lunch program strives to ensure that every child recieves a well balanced, healthy diet that meets its nutritional requirements. We encourage all children to taste a wide variety of foods, therefore developing an awarness of the many food choices. You are always free to send a cold lunch with your child.

Speciall diets are accommodated for children with food allergies, intolerance or other medical reasons. The child's physician must document all allergies or speical diets. Snacks are also given after nap each day.

Brushing Teeth

After lunch we will assist the children in brushing their teeth. We will provide the toothbrushes and toothpaste. We hope this will encourage the children to brush their teeth at home as well.

Dress Code

The children will play outdoors when the weather permits, so please dress them appropriately for outdoor play. Also, the children may get dirty when using paint, glue, markers, etc. Keeping this in mind, do not send your child in clothing that will be possibly ruined by these materials.


The students will have a short naptime every afternoon. They do not have to go to sleep but will be expected to lay quietly on their cots. To make this easier for them we play soft music. You are welcome to send in a stuffed toy to keep at school for them to cuddle with during this time.


Your child will be expected to follow all school and classroom rules as taught by the teacher. The children will often be rewarded with verbal praise, stickers, stamps, small prizes, etc. We use Dojo to keep track of students behavior and to interact with parents daily.

Labeling Belongings

To help avoid confusion or loss of items that your child brings to school, please mark your child's name or intials on hats, coats, backpacks and clothes.


We ask that you do not send toys to school with your child unless they are show and tell items, when needed. We have many toys in the classroom for the children to play with and share.

Field Trips

We usually take the children by bus on atleast one field trip. We will send a note home to notify you of any events before they occur.

Children's Work

Some of the work that the children do may be kept and displayed in the classroom and or school. The children love to see their work displayed. Their work is usually kept for about 3 weeks and then sent home to you. A lot of their work will be sent home the day it is completed.

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