Lewis County Schools

FALL 2019 COURSES available at Lewis County High School

12774ACCT2201-004Principles of Accounting IT34:00-6:50 pm
12947BUSN2251-002Corporate CommunicationsM34:00-6:50 pm
12799COM2200-006Introduction to Human CommunicationT34:00-6:50 pm
12699CRJU1100-003Introduction to Criminal JusticeM34:00-6:50 pm
12882ECON2201-001Economic Principles/Problems IM34:00-6:50 pm
12674ENGL1104-044Written English I  (4 hour)T44:00-7:40 pm
12675ENGL1108-007Written English II (3 hour)W34:00-6:50 pm
12948ENTR1100-002Introduction to Entrepreneurship  (1st 8 Weeks)R24:00-7:45 pm
12949ENTR1110-002Business Opportunity Analysis  (2nd 8 Weeks)R14:00-5:50 pm


FINC2201-002Introduction to Financial ManagementT37:00-9:50 pm
12800HST1101-002United States History IM34:00-6:50 pm
12951MGMT2240-002Fundamentals of HumanResource ManagementW37:00-9:50 pm
12952MKTG2204-002Principles of MarketingW34:00-6:50 pm
12640MTH1207-003Funcamental Concepts of MathR35:00-7:50 pm
12676MTH1207S-003Fundamental Concepts of Math SupportW25:00-6:50 pm
12677OFAD1150-001Computer Concepts & ApplicationsT37:00-9:50 pm
12801POL1101-002American GovernmentW34:00-6:50 pm
12802PSYG1101-003Introduction to PsychologyR37:00-9:50 pm
12960SCI1101-002General ScienceW44:00-7:50 pm
12803SCY1101-004Introductory SociologyM37:00-9:50 pm

FALL 2019 COURSES available at Braxton County High School

12757HLCA1170-014Anatomy & PhysiologyR34:00-6:50 pm
12758HLCA1171-006Anatomy & Physiology LABR17:00-8:50 pm

For more information you may visit the Pierpont office Monday through Friday (8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) or call 304.368.7256.