Lewis County Schools

English Teachers

Ms. Allen: please email questions to melissa.walsh@k12.wv.us and include a contact phone number for a return call

Mrs. Balser: jbalser@k12.wv.us

Ms. Carr: slcarr@k12.wv.us

Ms. Lyons: tonya.lyons@k12.wv.us

Mr. Seckman: dseckman@k12.wv.us

Mrs. White: ljwhite@k12.wv.us

Math Teachers

Mrs. Chenoweth: deanna.chenoweth@k12.wv.us

Ms. Davis: ciara.davis@k12.wv.us

Mrs. Hogan: mrhogan@k12.wv.us

Mrs. Johnston: tjohnsto@k12.wv.us

Mr. Roidad: ferdad.roidad@k12.wv.us

Mrs. Wilt: jodee.wilt@k12.wv.us

Science Teachers

Mrs. Heaster: pkheaster@k12.wv.us

Mr. Irwin: joshua.irwin@k12.wv.us

Ms. Rahming: crahming@k12.wv.us

Ms. Rogers: samantha.rogers@k12.wv.us

Mr. Mike Smith: mcsmith@k12.wv.us

Ms. Yvonne Tannous: ytannous@k12.wv.us

History Teachers

Mr. Crabtree: curtis.crabtree@k12.wv.us

Mrs. Gump: dlgump@k12.wv.us

Ms. McAbee: tmcabee@k12.wv.us

Mr. McWhorter: hunter.mcwhorter@k12.wv.us

Mrs. Cheryl Smith: c.a.smith@k12.wv.us

Mrs. Walsh: melissa.walsh@k12.wv.us

Mr. Whetsell: bwhetsell@k12.wv.us