Lewis County Schools

Students receiving email accounts and 5 free 365 downloads.

To log in to your Office 365 Account:


To change your password:

1. https://wvde.state.wv.us/webtop/

2. login with your username (the part before the @stu.k12.wv.us only ) and password

3. click on the user profile folder

4. click on the user profile icon inside the folder

5. at the top, click “change password.”

6. put in the old password

7. put new password in twice.

To install the Office 365 Suite on your personal devices, log in to Office 365 at https://portal.office.com

1. At the top right of the blue ribbon, there will be an icon for you to import a picture. Beside that is a cog - wheel icon. Click the gear.

2. Select Office 365 Settings

3. Click "Software" to install software!

To access online storage space in One Drive

If you click the waffle (the ... box) on the blue ribbon, you'll see the link to One Drive.

1. To upload a  document or picture, click the +new. Find and upload.

2. Be careful if you see a "shared with everyone" folder. Anything in that folder would be shared with everyone in the state system!

Contact me at cdsmith@k12.wv.us  if you need help!