Lewis County Schools

Roanoke Elementary School


1176 Oil Creek Road

Roanoke WV  26447

Phone: 304-452-8887

Fax: 304-452-0438

Principal: Kristina Benedum


Secretary: Jennifer Myers


Counselor: Kylea Arnold


Community in Schools Coordinator:  Bill Tucker


Kumarah Kids Yoga & Mindfulness

Mental Health Check-Up Form

Character Education Lesson of the Month 


Interesting Websites

Free Video Read Alouds https://www.indypl.org/blog/for-parents/free-video-read-alouds  

Fact Monster: Practice Math Facts



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Roanoke Elementary Snow Day Packet

Students received printed snow packets. Digital copies are available at the link above and also on Schoology.

Please contact your child's teacher if you need the 12-digit parent access code to link your Schoology.com account to your child.  


School Security and Safety Procedures

  1. All schools are locked down every day and access can only be achieved by buzzing in at the front entrance.  You must identify yourself and the reason why you need to enter the school.  Additionally, there is a camera at the door for the office to visualize the person requesting access.
  2. When a Precautionary Lockdown is called, schools are adding an “extra layer” of security while the school and law enforcement are looking into an issue or situation near the school.  When a Precautionary Lockdown is called there is not an imminent, threatening or dangerous situation.  There is concern, and that is why no one may enter or exit the building.  Students are safe and teaching will continue.  If the issue or situation worsen, a total lock down would be called immediately.  
  3. A Total Lockdown is more serious.  Access and communication with the school is not available.  Any further notification will be on hold while law enforcement secures and isolates the situation.  The school will be blocked off by law enforcement.
  4. In a Total or Precautionary Lockdown, updates will follow as they become available and can be confirmed.
  5. It is the school’s professional and legal responsibility to ensure student safety at all times.  Therefore, when entrance or exit from the school is not allowed, the school is protecting all students and staff to the best of the school’s ability.  Interference or distractions from the outside hampers the ability to assess an issue or situation confronting the school.  Schools are doing everything in their training and resolve to protect all students and staff.
  6. Parents/guardians will be contacted through School Messenger (telephone notification system) when a Precautionary or Total Lockdown is necessary and in process.  Everyone in the school system understands parents/guardians are very concerned when a notification is sent out, but the school and law enforcement must be allowed to do their job without interference or distractions from the outside. 
  7. Never will a lock down be called off (all clear) unless it is safe.  Every action taken will be to protect and ensure the safety of all.  Nothing less!