Lewis County Schools

Lewis County Schools

Robert L. Bland

Middle School

Home of the Patriots

358 Court Avenue

Weston, WV 26452


Phone: 304- 269-8325

Fax: 304-269-8310

Principal:  Mrs. Julie Radcliff

Assistant Principal:  Mrs. Sally Hinterer

Asst. Principal/Athletic Director:  Mrs. Tarra Shields

Since Mr. Merrifield joined RLBMS as an art teacher, he has been working with students to paint cieling tiles for classrooms that reflect the subject matter taught in the room, or something about the teacher who works within. Since many don't have an opportunity to see his hard work, we're going to give you a glimpse of what he and his students have accomplished.

News and Announcements

First Day of School

The first day of school for Lewis County is Monday, August 14th.

Open House

Open House at RLBMS will be held on Thursday, August 8th, from 3:30 til 5:30.

Parent Teacher Conference

The first Parent Teacher Conference of the 2017-2018 school year will be held on September 20th from 3:30 til 5:30.


If you are a parent or guardian, and need a LiveGrades account, please email Aaron Radcliff at aradcliff@k12.wv.us. Please include, in your email, your full name, and that of your student.

RLBMS is proud to accept and use Box Tops for Education. If your family collects them, send them to Mrs. Sarah Lough.

Click HERE for more information about this valuable program.

Too many children in West Virginia miss too many days of school. Often, we think absences aren't a problem as long as they're excused or a child’s learning won't be affected unless he or she misses several days in a row. Research shows that missing 10% of the school year — which can be just two or three days every month — can add up to so much lost time in the classroom that children just can't keep up. Attendance is critical to the success of our students. We must have our students present and engaged in order to provide them with the opportunities they need to be successful in the future. We invite you to take a look at the link below to help promote regular attendance and intervene when poor attendance becomes a problem.