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Early Release, August 23rd, 2017

Students will be dismissed 2hr early on August 23rd, 2017 to allow teachers to participate in professional learning opportunities.  

Solar Eclipse County Update:

Lewis County Schools has prepared for the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st. Teachers are sharing resources and planning activities where students will safely experience this unique educational opportunity. For those families wishing to experience this event with their child at home, students may be picked up after 11:30AM and prior to 1:45PM. This will be considered an absence that is excused when a note from the parent or guardian is provided.

Solar Eclipse Information:

This is a reminder that a Solar Eclipse will take place on Monday, August 21, beginning in WV around 1:06 PM and concluding around 3:59 PM.

Most of our schools are planning activities.  No activity will take place outside unless students are equipped with “certified eye protection”.  If you have questions, please contact the school your child attends.

Please be aware that students will be traveling home near the ending time of the Solar Eclipse.  Staff will instruct students not to look at the Solar Eclipse if still visible.  We ask that you reinforce that message at home as well, especially as students are walking home or exiting the bus to walk home.

It is the discretion of parents to pick their child(ren) up early if there is concern and with no consequences.

Proposed Policy Change

The LCBOE is reviewing Policy Chapter 3.60 – Leave Without Cause.  If you wish to make a comment about the proposed changes, you can email Chris Derico at cderico@k12.wv.us.  All comments must be received no later than Friday September 1.

See attached Policy.

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year

First day of school:
Grades 1-12 = August 14th
Kindergarten = August 17th
Pre-K = August 21

Student Profile Sheet

Student Profile Sheet- Parents now have the opportunity to download the fillable PDF file, print, and send it to school with your child.
See PDF here > CLICK!  (2017-2018)

Jane Lew Summer Reading Program

This summer literacy program focuses on reading and writing in a small group environment. Students will be enjoying social and literacy experiences over the next two weeks.

Questions- contact JLES -304-884-7836

Click here for Bus Schedule

2017-2018 School Calendar

Visit the Calendar link under the home tab above to view the calendar or click here


The new WV School Accountability System (click here for more information.)

2017 Summer Food Program Volunteers Needed! 

For more information on how to help out, click here.

August Solar Eclipse Activity

Did you know that August 21st, 2017 there is a solar eclipse? It's named "The Great American Eclipse" because it can be seen across the entire continental United States.

Eclipse Activity sponsored by WVU- see link for more information and a chance to receive Solar Eclipse safety glasses for your students! 

Click here for link

WV STEM Resrouce Clearinghouse- WV EcosySTEM

In preparation for the public launch of the WV STEM Resource Clearinghouse website (www.wvecosystem.org), we are asking families, educators, community members, and business/community organizations to contribute STEM resources, so that all West Virginia students will be better prepared for success in college and careers, especially in industries that relate to STEM.

Supporting the Education of Youth Homelessness

Click here to see flyer ~ Contact Randy Myers (304-269-8300) for more information.

WV Universal Pre-K Program Review: Online Parent Survey

Pre-K Parents please take a moment to complete the survey in the link below.

Click here for Survey! 

Professional Development Opportunity for Science Teachers!

ESS Passport



eLearning Course Information

Click here for more information! 

Shuttle Buses

There are four shuttle buses available to all Lewis County students that runs from the middle school Monday through Thursday at 6 pm.  Each bus departs the middle school and heads to different parts of the county.  One bus goes out 33W towards Alum Bridge and will go clear to the county line.  Another bus goes out 19S towards Walkersville and turns around at the Y.  The third bus goes 19W towards Jane Lew, will go out McWhorter Road when needed, and goes out Old Mill Road.  The final bus goes out 33E towards Walmart, will go to Quarry Glen Apartments when needed, and travels up Buckhannon Mountain.  Students and parents are encouraged to utilize this valuable service.

iReady- Student Assessment (K-8)

What is iReady? The new K-8 benchmark assessment and learning tool. Click here for a parent letter to learn more!

Lewis County Schools- Facebook

Remember to visit our Facebook Page @LewisCountySchoolsWV for more news and information!

Student Profile Sheet

Student Profile Sheet- Parents now have the opportunity to download the fillable PDF file, print, and send it to school with your child.
See PDF here > CLICK!  (2017-2018)

LiveGrades Accounts (Parents/ Guardians)

The school year is back in session and learning is about to commence! With learning, comes grades, and with grades comes LiveGrades. Many parents already have their LiveGrades logins, or have set up an account in the past. If you already know your LiveGrades account, you have nothing to worry about. If you’ve forgotten your LiveGrades account information, please go to livegrades.com and click on “Forgot your login? Click here” and go through the steps listed. If you’ve never created a LiveGrades account, and wish to have one, send an email to  aradcliff@k12.wv.us (RLBMS), cdsmith@k12.wv.us (LCHS), jlfoster@k12.wv.us (PCES & RES), or sjwillia@k12.wv.us (JLES & LCES) to get a step by step tutorial and the required information.

Classroom / Student Spotlight

Teachers if you would like to be featured in the classroom spotlight- email Jtidd@k12.wv.us pictures / videos of the great things you are doing in your classroom.

Our School websites

Lewis County High School - lewisboe.com/LCHS

Peterson-Central Elementary School- lewisboe.com/PCES

Roanoke Elementary School- lewisboe.com/RES

Jane Lew Elementary School- lewisboe.com/JLES

Robert L. Bland Middle School- lewisboe.com/RLBMS

Leading Creek Elementary School- lewisboe.com/LCES