Lewis County Schools is offering a Virtual School option for for the 2021-2022 school year. Below you'll find information to help decide if this is a program that would benefit your student, as well as information on how to apply. Please note, we are only accepting applications for students in grades K-5 at this time.

What happened to Lewis County Distance Learning?

Lewis County Distance Learning was a program that we could offer last school year, because we were allowed a degree of flexibility with our schedule that was only possible because of how the West Virginia Department of Education chose to handle the COVID-19 response during the 2020-2021 school year. We do not have that flexibility for the 2021-2022 school year, so Lewis County Distance Learning cannot be offered.

Who is the provider of the new virtual school?

Through a partnership with the Southern Educational Services Cooperative, we will offer virtual school from Proximity Learning.

What grade levels will be able to use the virtual school?

Students in Grades K-12 are able to participate. However, we are only accepting students in grades K-5 at this time. We will hold another registration period for grades 6-12 before the 2nd semester.

Who will deliver instruction to my student?

Instruction will be provided by teachers who are licensed to teach in the state of West Virginia.

How will my student receive instruction?

Each grade will have a set schedule of classes that they can attend live 5 days a week, where they will be able to interact with their teacher, or they can watch the recording of the class at a time that’s convenient for you and your family.

How much support will I need to provide my child with instruction and assignment completion?

Parents will be a major component in virtual education, especially for grades K-5. The younger the student, the more essential it is that parents and guardians actively work with them during their class times and with them to complete assignments  

Is there a cost to LC families?

No, there is no cost to the family. Tuition is paid by Lewis County Schools

Is internet a requirement?

Yes. Access to high-speed internet, with a consistent connection, is required for students to take part in virtual learning.

Will my child still be enrolled in Lewis County Schools?

Yes! Though they’ll receive their education through different means, they’ll still be Lewis County students, which will also allow them to take part in extracurricular activities (if they meet the other requirements).

Will a device be provided for my student to use to participate in virtual school?

Students will be able to use the county-provided Chromebooks to participate in virtual school.

What if we have problems with our county-provided Chromebook?

Support will be provided through our Technology Department.

If my student uses virtual school, how long are they required to participate?

Students who take part in virtual school will do so for an entire semester. Once they reach the end of the semester, they’ll have the option to continue using virtual school, or they can choose to return to in-person instruction.

My student receives special education services. Can they still participate in virtual school?

Eligibility to attend Lewis County Virtual School is an IEP team decision. The team will meet to determine the most appropriate, least restrictive environment and the most reasonable accommodations for your student.

Is participation in Lewis County Schools Virtual School a good alternative to homeschooling my child?

Participating in virtual school provided by Lewis County Schools provides students the opportunities that come with public education. These benefits include instruction by licensed teachers, a variety of course offerings, participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities, and the ability to earn a diploma from Lewis County Schools.

When can my student start virtual school?

Your student cannot begin virtual school until you have received their login information. It sometimes takes a while to process these requests, and until you receive the login your child needs to continue receiving their education as they are currently.

How do I sign my student up for virtual school?

If your student is in grades K-5, CLICK HERE to fill out and submit the application by 9:00 pm on October 11th, 2021.